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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is the server open and playable by anyone?
The server is currently closed and is only accessible to developers and staff members's. We'll let people know in due course when beta is available for non staff members!
Updated: 18 Dec 2018
I'm a premium member in-game, how do I get my rank on Discord?
If your a premium member on Zadeo, simply contact anyone in the @staff role to be given your premium rank on Discord. You'll have to provide your email account and account name in order to receive your premium rank.
Updated: 21 Apr 2019
My old account doesn't exist, why?
Zadeo was previously running a very old account database full of failed registrations and old test accounts from the development days so we decided to start with a fresh account database. Simply re-create your account using the old email you previously used and you\'ll be good to go again. Donations from old accounts are still logged and are refundable, so no worries there
Updated: 18 Dec 2018
Having problems or still need help? Feel free to make a ticket ingame or post a support thread on our support forum and a Game Master will help you.
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