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    Reporting Players [ Last Updated: 11th May 2018 ]

    General In-game reporting

    DO NOT open threads to report players.
    Please send the following information via EMAIL to [email protected]:

    Reported player name
    Approximate date and time when it happened
    Evidence if you have any (links to unedited screenshots, videos etc). Please note that we may be unable to do much if there is no evidence in some of the cases
    Brief explanation
    Guide on how to upload a screenshot can be found here: Uploading Images
    Full ticket guide can also be found here: Zadeo Ticket Guide

    • Reporting via forum thread or posting visitor message is considered inappropriate use of the forums and action will be taken as well as the thread being deleted.
    • Sending multiple copies of same report will be considered as a spam and inappropriate use of ticket system which may lead to temporary account suspension.
    • Please note that if you decide to send PM via forum to a member of GM team, then you will need to include realm name as well. We also cannot guarantee that forum PM will be replied to in timely manner due to various reasons.

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    In-game Scamming Policy

    What is a scam?

    A scam is acquiring someone's items or gold by missinformation or fraud.
    Example: Scammer: "here have this wodin's lucky necklace"
    The victim receives Squashed Rabbit Carcass instead of the necklace, in trade of his gold.

    DO NOT report on Staff's visitor pages. Do not open threads.
    If you have been victim of an IN-GAME SCAM please send the following information via IN-GAME ticket:

    Name of the scammer
    Approximate date and time when it happened
    Brief explanation
    Screenshots have to be unedited.
    Recorded evidence is optional but will be heavily considered over screenshots evidence.

    * Screenshot(s)1 must contain the trade window with either side accepting, the name of the traded good being visible (several items mean several screenshots of the first category) and all your bags being open with enough space for whatever would be traded and showing your gold.
    ** Screenshot(s)2 must contain the "Trade complete" message in the middle of the screen and your all bags being open with enough space for whatever should have been traded and showing your gold. If you received a different item(s) from the one you should have got, please make the name visible.

    We might consider solid evidence which does not follow this exact format but circumstances must be clear on it. We encourage you to try to follow this as closely as possible to make investigation easier for us.

    If a VALID report was submitted, an In-Game Staff member will look into the matter and suspend scammer's accounts for 30 days. Ban length increases with repeated incidents per account. Reports which are missing vital information needed in investigation will usually result in scammer getting away.

    This will NOT get you a refund of whatever gold or items you may have lost in the scam. GMs cannot refund any items or gold. This will simply remove the scammer temporarily from the game.

    GMs should NOT be your shield against scams. Common sense and caution are the best ways to prevent yourself from scams.

    This does NOT include guild bank thefts. You should always be careful who you give what rights in your guild that is your own responsibilty.

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