• The following are rules set forth by Zadeo Staff for the Services Zadeo provides, any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your in-game accounts.
  • Any user, regular or Premium, is subject to the same rules and breaking them will result in the same punishment.

If you have an issue with the game or wish to report someone breaking the rules, send a email and find out what you should include in this thread. If you wish to contact a GM personally, please make a INGAME ticket and include that the ticket is for the person your trying to contact. If you would like to report a GM please contact [email protected].


This is really basic and "shouldn't" need further explanations. Players caught making use of cheat programs for example, to Speed Hack or Fly Hack (most common offences) or other cheats, are banned from the server. Do not bother to appeal over a ban with the GM, as they will not discuss it. We do not forgive it, doesn't matter if you love the Server or whatever excuses you may have for it.


Forums users are well-aware of this rule, but although it is softened in-game , doesn't mean you can abuse it. Again the punishment may vary depending on severity of the situation. Some abuses are as follows:

  • Spam/Flood: Using colored text or big Icons in global channels is not allowed. Flooding it with repeated messages neither. Avoid it to avoid being muted or banned.
  • Racism/Discriminatory Behaviour: Avoid at all costs, insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle or skin color. Even if you are just "joking" it isn't allowed. Slangs such as the n-word aren't allowed either, even in Guild chat. Don't blame guildies for reporting you. It's wrong and you should know that.
  • Staff Impersonation: Pretending to be a Staff Member either to scam or threat someone is absolutely forbidden.
  • Posting in full capitals in World Chat isn't allowed. Its just annoying.

Those are simple rules. Try to keep the community a friendly and interesting place to join and play. Remember that this is a PVP server and people are not forced to be honored. They can and will kill your character just for fun (or irritate you). Gladly you can always revive to kill him later!


This may take many forms, but all of them are obvious. If you are profiting of any in-game advantage that shouldn't be happening normally, its a bug exploit and the fault for abusing it is yours and whoever is doing it with you. Don't blame the Server, GM's or Developers for it, as it will only get things worse for you. Some examples of bug exploiting:

  • PvP in Sanctuary: People shouldn't be able to attack others in Sanctuaries,, like Netherlight Temple.
  • Avoiding the AFK kick mechanism in Battlegrounds: Do not join Battlegrounds if you aren't willing to help others to win. Using bots or anything else to keep you from being kicked by our anti-afk system is not allowed.
  • Exploiting skills: If certain skills/spells can be used in an unusual way to exploit and create an unfair advantage over other players, avoid doing so.
  • Exploiting a boss: Boss X hasn't be officially released but you find a way to fight it with whatever skill you have; Boss Y can't hit you and you can basically solo it due to some odd position;
  • vehicle exploits.
  • The use of bots (which includes fishing bots).
  • leaving BG starter area before it starts.

None of these things are allowed and bans for it can't be appealed.


  • MMR Dropping: Losing in arena on purpose to lower own MMR below normal value.
  • Honor Exploit: Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her toon to get Honor points in locations where it can be done fast and deliberately is not allowed.
  • Wintrading: Arranged battles in order to profit of its prizes is highly forbidden leading to bans.

Besides it, no afking in bgs, follow, botting etc. These are bad attitudes that may get your account suspended.
The punishment may vary depending on severity of the situation.


Acquiring someone's items, gold or currencies by misinformation or fraud is not tolerated. Should you be victim of an ingame goods scam, for further information, view this thread.


We don't allow any trade of virtual goods for real money be it through forum, game or via 3rd party softwares. Likewise, we don't allow the offering of any services (eg. boosting) for real money either. Only official Zadeo's website which allows donations can be used to purchase in-game services via Coins or Points.


Do understand that simply using the word 'donor' doesn't constitutes donor bashing. The act of donating or the fact donors exist shouldn't be insulted or attacked - you are playing on a free server because of them. Simple teasing a donor isn't donor bashing, although it can easily build up to common harassing if you push it.

If you are going to insult someone, please refrain from saying anything related to donators, the fact of the user has donated, got exclusive gear or anything that can slightly be related to donations in general. The only one who will be framed is you. No excuse will be accepted. Also, Donators CAN be punished for donor bashing. As stated on the top, the rules are valid to everybody, regular or Premium. Remember: donors allow our realms to continue to be free-to-play. Be thankful.

Breaking the rules below will earn you a Permanent Ban, possibly In-forum as well


This is mostly to avoid scams. If you are caught trying to sell, buy, trade or give away your(s) accounts, be it via whisper, guild chat, forums, websites or any global channels, expect to lose your account for good, along with all accounts shared by your IP. Remember that you are fully responsible for any action under your account. If your brother, friend, or anyone else took control of your account and broke the Account Trading rule you will be the only one to blame.

Remember the Terms of Service. You are solely responsible for your Account details. If you got scammed for sharing your account information with someone else, do not expect any help from us.


If you dont like the Server, you are free to leave anytime without insulting us. Disrespecting the server or a Staff Member just because you are in a bad mood, found a bug or have your character killed is not acceptable. Playing in bad mood is already a wrong thing to do. Do not expect forgiveness if you are caught insulting the Server or any of its Staff Members. This is valid anywhere, not just when talking directly to a Staff member. If you have any complaints about a staff member, feel free to send a email to [email protected]. There is no need to make a forum thread.


Do not announce other server names anywhere, be it via whisper, guild chat, discord or any global channels. Do not mention their names even for the sake of comparisons or criticising. Advertising other servers, sites, hacking programs or third-party programs etc. is highly forbidden. Do not try to work like a licensed Zadeo Staff member. If you open a site to donate for people (even if they cannot donate) you will still be breaking the rule.


For Ban Appeals consult this link. Don't bother to appeal if you know you are not innocent. This is only for the rare dubious cases or account thefts situations.

This page does not cover all the rules. If a GM find an unfitting behavior, he or she will punish the player accordingly.

This page may be updated without notice. Check it once in a while.