If you violate any of Zadeo's rules and receive a ban for it, we do allow players to submit requests for reviews of said bans. These reviews will allow you to plead your case to why you deserve a second chance on Zadeo. We take the action of banning very seriously so reversing a ban isn't something we will do lightly.

To have a ban reviewed you must meet a few basic community guidelines, if you fail to meet any of these guidelines your review for reconsideration will be denied and you will lose eligibility to have the ban reviewed in the future.

Community Guidelines

  • Bans must be over 72 hours for reconsideration.
  • Bans are only eligible for a single request for reconsideration.
  • Bans for third-party application use are a no-less than 90-day bans. No reconsideration will be made until that time period has passed.
  • Multiple bans for the same violations are not eligible for reconsideration (Special cases can be made for bans that were permanent, but will not be made any earlier than 6 months after the ban was applied.)

The end decision is left up to the banning GM, unless the banning GM was/is a trial GM or they are no longer part of Zadeo Staff, in that case the current Head-GM will have the final decision. All active-duty GMs can voice their opinions on any requests for reconsideration. In special situations where GM abuse is being accused Zadeo Management will take over any reconsiderations requests with all parties involved.

All final decisions on reconsiderations are final, any attempts to escalate the issue up to higher ranking Game Masters or management will result in anything from forfeitting reconsideration eligibility to extending your ban time.

Remember of our Terms of Service

You may register a regular or premium account and password for the service. You are responsible for all activity under your account, associated accounts, and passwords. Zadeo is NOT responsible for unauthorised access to your account, regular or premium account, and any loss of virtual goods and commodities associated with it. Please be sure to check our Terms of Service regular at this location

Warden AntiCheat

All community members please be aware that an accurate anti-cheat Warden is active on our realms. Warden is set to ban cheater's accounts automatically. Do NOT use any cheating or hacking software or your account will be banned.

Once you try out a cheat on WoW, your memory remains edited for the session, even if you turn off that cheat tool afterwards, which means you'll get busted by Warden checking if you altered any memory address not possible to modify by normal means of gameplay.

Please remember to read our rules and guidelines for using Zadeo's services before being deprived of these privileges and contribute to a healthy and fair gaming environment.

  • Addon's won't flag your account.
  • Multiboxing won't flag your account
  • Model Swapping cannot get you flagged.

You may not donate while serving a ban. If you donate while banned, your donation will be refunded and your account will loose the privilege to donate in the future..

Please keep in mind that we strongly recommend not using any third party software that tampers with or changes game files as in rare cases these may be considered a cheating mechanism by Sentinel, let alone cheating programs. Warden is periodically updated with new detection mechanisms for known and reported cheat programs.