Welcome to the Official In-Game Ticket Guide for Zadeo. This guide will be covering several aspects of the ticketing system such as how to make a ticket and FAQs.

Updated on 12th May 2018

Please note that this guide may be updated without warning and players are advised to check this thread regularly should they encounter any issues in-game.

Table of Contents

What you can/should not submit in a ticket
Information about GMs
How to create a ticket
How to upload & provide a link of a screenshot

What you CAN submit in a ticket

  • Important class quests that do NOT work such as the quest chain for Redemption or a Shaman's totems. This doesn't apply to the Death Knight Start Zone.
  • Max level reputation factions with which it is impossible to obtain exalted status due to bugged quest(s) blocking further progress.
  • Quests that are bugged in a way which makes it hard to complete them.
  • Stuck/Can't revive - Be sure to try the Character Unstucker tool first.
  • Can't get out of combat - Try re-opening your WoW program by using Alt+F4 to exit
  • Player reports - screenshots can be provided as shown here.
  • Generalized help questions.

What you should NOT submit in a ticket

  • Bugs - GMs are not Developers and aree not in-charge of fixing bugs. If you find a bug please report it via the bugtracker.
  • Items's that you want/need. GMs cant provide items regardless of the reason.
  • Ban Appeals.
  • Can't learn riding skill - There is more than 1 riding trainer in World of Warcraft. Try out the Dalaran trainer before submitting a ticket.
  • When is ABC going to be fixed? - Soon.
  • Tickets in any language other than English.
  • Indecipherable tickets.
  • Vote rewards related issues - We cannot refund or provide item exchanges for anything purchased using the vote system.
  • GM MOTHER DK DMF LAG PLIS FIX MEN - If you have a high latency, please check your Internet Service Provider. If you have a low latency and there is delay, please remain calm and do not complain about the issue. The staff team is probably already working to resolve it.
  • Character re-customization - We do not provide free Race changes, Faction changes, Name changes or character re-customizations.