Zadeo has been down for awhile now (around 4 months) while we decided what we wanted to do with the server and the design going forward for the players and staff to enjoy both playing and developing on Zadeo. Staff agreed that the previous versions of Zadeo weren't fun to make or to play on.. so we've taken a step back and are going to redesign the Zadeo realm from the ground up. So your probably thinking.. .what's new and whats going to change?

Weapon Upgrade Quests Removed

Once you completed your initial quest for your weapon (or weapon's) of choice, you were left with 10-15 boring upgrade quests that had no difference in materials but just increased requirements. The new realm will feature a custom UI for upgrading your weapons (simply by right clicking on your weapon) you'll be able to upgrade your weapons once you've collected the new materials without needing to travel back to the original quest giver.

Preview of the UI will be coming soon.

Guild Leveling System introduced

For a longtime, Guilds on Zadeo have been used mainly for people to use as extra bank storage. Guilds from release will be able to be levelled up to a max of 30 unlocking certain perks every few levels. Guild experience will be earned by completing Quests, upgrading your weapons and clearing dungeons.

New Races! : Worgen, Goblin & Pandaren

Lightbringer from release will be welcoming 3 new races to the server. Alliance will gain Pandaren and Worgen and Horde will gain Goblin and Pandaren. These races will have their own unique racials and are fully working like the other available races on Zadeo. No requirements in order to create one!

We're also interested to know what people would like to see as the next races released on Zadeo?

Zadeo Commander

Zadeo Milita now has a new commander, providing server-wide buffs to certain things on Zadeo for free! Completing quest's offered by Zadeo Militia members will award a special currency that you can hand into the commander to activate these buffs. These buffs will require a certain amount of the currency to be handed in before they activate, all players will receive the buff for 7 days and it will deactivate once 7 days has passed.

Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor & Legion Content

We like the looks of some of the new additions to World of Warcraft from expansions above Wrath of the Lich King. So we decided to add as much of this content to Zadeo as possible (all in optional patches - except anything used for content.) - Once Zadeo releases Lightbringer the download page will contain downloads for these custom patches so you can obtain this awesome addition to Zadeo also!

Netherlight Temple

Netherlight Temple is the new hub on Lightbringer, for awhile Zadeo has had mission area being the main area you would meet up with people or complete most of the tasks on Zadeo.. This new area is a custom area on Zadeo that we hope you'll enjoy the look of as much as we do.

New Website

The previous website for Zadeo was boring, we've updated the website and forums with a all-new unique design & improved many areas of the website. The profile page now has support for you to list your twitch, twitter and various other social media links and much more. The armory has been updated to look more like the retail Blizzard armory. We've updated the Bugtracker also. Feel free to checkout most of the site to see the new changes!

* Some pages are yet to be converted, please bear with us while we complete the remaining pages.

So when will all of this be ready to test? We'll have a option in your account to opt into testing the Alpha/Beta versions of Zadeo very soon, once we have more information on testing periods we'll let people know.